Stories for Simon

Stories for Simon by Lisa Sarzin, illustrated by Lauren Briggs

Lisa is a mum at East Sydney Bulldogs and has produced a children’s book with the central theme of the National apology to the Stolen Generations. Met with queries from their own children, Lisa and Lauren reflected on the trauma of those affected and asked themselves ‘what does the apology mean to all Australians, and where to from here?’

Lisa and Lauren took on these big issues and broke them down into a story that our children could easily understand.

Vic Simms, Indigenous Elder has been an inspiring mentor and helped to ensure that the text and illustrations were sensitive to and respectful of the subject matter. Also Michael O’Loughlin and Adam Goodes have endorsed the book. Royalties for the book will also be donated to the GO Foundation run by Michael and Adam which focusses on educational opportunities for Indigenous Australian children.

The Club has asked Lisa if she would like to organize a stall at a home game during the season so books can be purchased. We will organize this with Lisa and will be in touch with a date.

Marelle Sharpe
Auskick Coordinator
East Sydney Bulldogs