East Sydney Junior Australian Football Club Inc (Easts) is a junior AFL club based in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. It is the largest AFL junior club in Sydney. We train at Trumper Park, corner of Glenmore Road and Hampden Street, Paddington.

Easts is a strong family-oriented club that focuses on providing a safe, friendly environment for children from five years of age to 17 years of age. In Auskick teams, girls play along with boys before progressing to Youth Girls Juniors.  We believe in bringing the values of teamwork and benefits of sport to our children.

Our umpires and coaches have received formal training through the AFL and are accredited. New parents are always welcome to undergo this training.

Boys and girls from 5 to 9 years old play in a special program called Auskick, with a gentle approach to training and games, and safe modified rules. For example, there is no tackling in Auskick.

Older boys and girls play in year-group teams up to under 17.

We’re always looking for new players, sponsors, coaches, team managers and others to strengthen our club. Children love seeing their mum and dad helping out. Please contact a committee members if you would like to contribute.


Divisionalisation Policy

East Sydney Bulldogs divisionalisation policy recommends the following actions among others to maximise participationenjoyment and to support retention of players within the Club.  To achieve this we require Coaches and Players to embrace the following values of the Club:

COMPETITIVE IN ALL DIVISIONS: The Club aspires to field competitive teams across ALL divisions. With the exception of those players that are listed on a Registered Player List (“RPL”), players may be rotated between divisions on multiple occasions during the season.  The rotation of players typically benefits players in some or all of the following ways:

(i)            skill development,

(ii)           their understanding of the game (in particular the roles of different players on the field),

(iii)          player efficacy,

(iv)          interest in playing and

(v)           socially expands their friendship groups within our community.

ONE SQUAD: The whole Age Group trains as one squad in pre-season and in part at most training sessions.  During the season, teams will divide to spend some time focusing on individual team based skills and structures.

ONE CLUB: We are one Club. When East Sydney Bulldogs have multiple teams competing in the same division, the Club encourages players of both teams to celebrate post game by singing the Club song all together.

Note: Coaches and players should be mindful to ensure that rotating players comply with eligibility rules as finals approach, refer to the rules on Coaches are encouraged to share their coaching philosophy for team selection at the beginning of the season with the whole of the playing group.


What is Divisionalisation?

The AFL competition provides divisions for teams from the age 11 years and up. The purpose for divisionalisation at a Junior Level is to provide a competition structure where games are played between teams comprising players equal in age and similar in ability. Such a competition enhances both player experience, skill development and retention of players in the game.

Club Rotation Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines and transparency for Coaches, Players & Parents of our Club with respect to player participation, rotation of player positions (including between teams) as players progress through the different age groups at our Club.

  • Auskick – Ages 5 to 8 years

Auskick is NOT a competition.  Auskick is about learning the principles and skills of the game and having lots of fun in your local community playing AFL.  The rules are modified, the game is played in thirds and as regularly as possible each player should rotate playing positions during the course of a game.

  • Junior Football – Ages 9 – 10 years

Junior Football is an expansion of the Auskick game.  All players can expect to rotate through the different playing positions during a game or at least two of the three zones.  Player selection is based upon establishing teams within each age group of equal playing ability. Games are not scored until the end of season gala days which culminates in a Finals series and an overall winner of each age group.

  • Youth Football – Ages 11 – 17 years Boys/ 18 years Girls

Youth Football is the introduction of competitive AFL football, divisionalisation of teams and player selection begins here. If the Club fields two teams in Division 1, teams should be of equal playing ability when established.  The AFL rules require each Division 1 team to complete a Registered Player List (“RPL”) (these are players participating in AFL Academies, representative games and/or talent players in that Age Group) and they are limited to participating in the Division 1 competition within their Age Group; all other players should be offered an opportunity during the season to play across multiple divisions in their Age Group.

Whilst AFL games become competitive in these Age Groups, it is important for our players to always play in the spirit of the game and our Club.  East Sydney Bulldogs Rotation & Divisionalisation Policies are aligned with the AFL values for Youth Football. For more information on Youth Football, Code of Conduct for Players, Coaches and Parents refer to resources on

CLUB SONG (sung to Queen “We will Rock You)

Buddy we are young dogs
Playing in the Park
Gonna be a Bulldog someday
Mud on ya face
Style and grace
Kickin’ that ball all over the place


The East Sydney Junior Australian Football Club was formed in 1907 as part of the already established senior club. The senior Club was originally established in 1880 when a group of enthusiastic locals met in Cascade Street, Paddington to organise a match to be played in the New Year. In April 1880 a match was played at Moore Park between East Sydney in their dark blue with gold sash, and Sydney in dark blue. And with that, organised Australian football began in Sydney in which five clubs, East Sydney, Newtown, Sydney, South Sydney, and Sydney University, competed. When talking about the history and personalities of East Sydney Football Club, the name of Frank Dixon is the first to come to mind. He was an outstanding player and coach, and was also Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney. A plaque dedicated to his memory is currently displayed on the grandstand at Trumper Park.

Over the years, many distinguished names have played for the senior club, including Les Darcy (the champion boxer), Victor Trumper (the famous cricketer and who Trumper Park is named after), and Sam Loxton (former Australian cricket selector, and leading East’s goal kicker during the 1945 season). Also, the Co-Founder of the VFL, L.W. Hedger, was a prominent East’s player during the 19th centenary.

The junior club has also had its share of on-field stars. A number of prominent Australians have played with the Bulldog’s down at Trumper, include Kevin Ashley and Kevin Junee (who both went on to play rugby league for Australia),  and Mark ‘Sellers’ Maclure (who played for the Juniors in the early ‘70’s and went on to play over 200 games, including two premierships, for Carlton).  Now we have current AFL listed players Dane Rampe of the Swans and brothers Will and Lachlan Langford with the Hawks, who more recently played their junior footy with the Bulldogs.


At the Club’s AGM held on 10 September 2017 at Trumper Park the following committee was elected for 2018:

President and Registrar Iain Dunstan
Vice President Tammy Callaghan
Treasurer Asher Joseph
Secretary Tim Pallet
Youth Girls Co-Ordinator John Steele
Coaching Co-ordinator Paul Harapin
Auskick Co-Ordinator Lisa Goold
Sponsorship Co-Ordinator Margot Mitchell
Equipment Co-Ordinator Steve Hackers
Ground Management Co-ordinator Vacant
Marketing Co-Ordinator Shannon O’Connell
Umpires Ambassador Joseph Asher
Committee Member Mark Baldassare
Committee Member Dave Willis
Committee Member Andrew White



Life Members

The Committee of the East Sydney Junior AFl Club are please to admit the following people as Life Members of the Club, in recognition of their long standing service and significant contribution to the running of the Club. 

  • Marelle Sharpe 
  • Lynden Sharpe 
  • Dave Willis 

Our Charity Partners


St John Ambulance NSW

St John Ambulance provides first aid at our home games.


Giant Steps

Easts U11 Hounds play an annual charity match against the Willoughby Wildcats in support of Giant Steps which does fantastic work in support of children and families living with autism.